Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cabin Fever

What a lovely day my husband and I had yesterday. I think we were suffering a bit from 'cabin fever' and decided to break out! There was an Antique show and sale in Chemainus which got us started, and the promise of Spring at a garden centre. I went in to find a specific rose, and I ask you, how does one make a selection when faced with this?
Good intentions went out the window, but honestly I felt very restrained, because I only came out with two roses and a packet of seeds.
Travelling the back roads and enjoying the countryside is always a pleasure, especially on a sunny day after the round of weather we've just had. These particular back roads yielded a delicious stop. Saison Market is more than a bakery in the country, it really is an experience.

You can see a lot more on their website, here.

What a wonderful day, and to top it off, a glass or two of wine by the fire with my sweet husband.

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  1. Did you go to the Diggers? My husband went as well and he scored big time for me - a beautiful handwoven kilim - Turkey, Navajo? have to research. What a wonderful day for you - good to get out of the 'cabin', eh?