Saturday, February 11, 2012


Lovely Spring!

Here are some Hellebore's from wild acre blog Her photos capture these beauties so well, and her garden is so interesting, ... worth a visit! 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Garden Stuff

Just a bunch of cheery pictures to enjoy on a dreary day.
This years' date is April 29 (last years' poster), ...Dahlia Tuber Sale

Also, there's a great garden tour going on at:

My computer is tired, so I'll stop frustrating it, and sign off :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Open Studio

Last Fall I went to the Fleece & Fibre Show in Duncan BC, and there I saw lots and lots of inspirational vendors. As an admitted 'textile junkie', I was in Heaven! Raw wool, yarn and fabrics, knitting, spinning, felting and all that "Sheepy" stuff I love. I found I was really intrigued by Rug Hooking, and the more I researched about it, the more I wanted to try it.
I did take a workshop in Victoria at Blue Heron Studio and started my first project. Then the busy-ness of Christmas happened, plus I ran out of supplies, so my hooking came to a halt, ... until yesterday! Sunday I went to an open studio at Val Galvins' in Chemainus. What fun!
Supplies galore, and inspiration from the other rug hookers, and braiders, and some of Vals' finished work in every nook and crannie.
This is a corner in the studio showing braiding kits ready to go, plus completed rugs, both hooked and braided.
Inspiration comes from everywhere, and here on the coast, we see a lot of seaweed. This is Vals' rendition of Bull Kelp. My photo doesn't do it justice.
Most of the work is done in re-cycled materials, which is a big draw for me. Imagine turning the stacks of clothes, preferably made of wool, into a useful, beautiful rug. Lovely.