Sunday, April 17, 2011

Royal Tea

The Royal Tea that the Honeymoon Bay Society has planned is coming along swimmingly. Many folks thought that selling 200 tea party tickets was optimistic to say the least, however, all the posters advertising the event now have a "SOLD OUT" banner across them. 'Good on ya'!

I've started baking for the tea, and will freeze everything, then decorate it all when I get home from my travels.

I've also been busy in the garden this past week. I know Spring will come eventually, (probably when I'm away) and I want to be prepared! I figure plants will grow when I'm not looking, so I'm giving them every opportunity.

I knew I'd found Mr. Right when I was gifted with a load of manure for the garden as a Valentines gift one year early on in our relationship. True Love.
And here's this years' "I love You" gift, aren't I lucky? Well, I'm off to visit daughters and Grand daughters for Easter, and will return to Blogland early in May, with a tea party up-date and news of our Market.
Ta ta for now.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Garden Porn??

Relaxing on a Sunday evening, ahhh, lovely.
I've been 'blog-hopping' and came across a reference to Meryl Streeps' potager garden in 'It's Complicated". I remember it well from the movie, not to mention the great kitchen, ... well OK, the whole house! Chic flick for sure, just so much to see!
Of course the garden is manufactured, just one big, (and beautiful) prop. But I'll take it!
After driving home from Victoria yesterday and encountering a freak hailstorm that closed the Malahat, I need a little Spring garden fantasy.