Thursday, August 23, 2012

Todays' Garden

So, whats' happened to August? It's gone fleeting by as far as I'm concerned. Started out sunny and warm, progressed to way too hot for me, and now I'm wearing a long sleeved shirt and a vest for warmth. Hard to keep up.

Quite the Dahlia show this week, everything seems to be coming on very well. I heard from a girlfriend that a Dahlia 'grower' that sells to the stores was commenting on how late they are this year. The next picture is of "Cafe au Lait", a Dahlia that I searched all over for (Canada that is) and here's her first bloom with me.

I thought she'd be less pink and more parchment. Tomato/ tomato,... difficult to show pronunciation.. I love her just the same.

This is the blue double clematis that puts on a show for most of the summer, year after year, and in the background is the lily bed with some gigantic sweet smelling stargazers.

These are new to me, like a Casablanca lily, only peachy. This is their first year with me, and they seem happy.  Perhaps there will be some for cutting and having bouquets next year.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Cottage Garden Flowers

Very quick post tonight. Just a couple of pics of the bouquets I've gathered from the garden today, and will take to Honeymoon Bays' Market tomorrow.

I've never grown Glads before, and these are just beautiful. Beginners luck. Also, the lavender and sweet peas in the foreground are pretty much sensory overload!
Hope tomorrows' market is successful.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gabriola Island Saturday Market

Last week we took a trip to Gabriola Island, just off Nanaimo B.C. A perfect sunny Saturday to explore somewhere new, and take in, what turned out to be a really great market. As 'they' say, a picture is worth ....... so here are a lot of pictures of Gabriola Islands' Saturday Market.

Everyone was shopping, selling, and just generally enjoying the day.
These guys from Slow Rise Organic Bakery had forty feet of tables set up at opening time.

I thought I'd go back, near the end of the Market for some beets that I'd been thinking of. You snooze, you lose, no produce, and the bread guys were packed up and gone, no bread, no tables, no evidence that they'd ever been there. But I know they were, as we'd enjoyed a scone at the beach and brought home a couple of loaves of heavenly bread. Apparently it is sold in Nanaimo on certain Market days. I feel a road trip in the near future. Yum.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tonights' Dinner

Lots to offer from the garden these days. Beautiful bouquets ... the lilies are really taking off, photos soon. What has made me pause at this dinner preparing hour, is the simple pleasure of good honest food from our garden.

A salad, the first of the broad beans, new potatoes, that have me remembering digging them last year with a Granddaughter, and jewel like raspberries, our (almost) first taste. In all honesty, I did sample a few yesterday!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Honeymoon Bay Outdoor Market

Once again our little community put on a fun filled weekend known as "Bay Days". There was a talent show, parade, kids' activities, fireworks and more to occupy a family. My focus was the Outdoor Market, which is in its' sixth year of operation.

 This was the 'shack' showing a couple of the bouquets, and some patio tomatoes for sale.
More "Flowers For Sale" in another corner of the booth.

These peonys' are spectacular. I don't know a lot about them, just notice that there are two distinct flowers on the same plant. One all double ruffles, and the other almost a single with a pronounced yellow centre. The limey green in the background is Alchemia mollis, or Ladys' Mantle.
 Climbing hydrangea, and Constance Spry roses.

This West coast rainforest weather we've been having certainly agrees with the garden. I didn't think much was going on out there, and came in with an armload of bouquet material. Abundance.
Here's a link to another Blog with more Market pictures. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Garden Pics

This old pale yellow, "Own root " rose has only been in place four years. It must be very happy, as it's taking over the porch. I give it a drink of fish fert twice before it blooms, then I try to keep up with dead heading, but that's nearly impossible!. In the foreground is my potted gardens. We have very little soil, so I grow most everything in raised beds, or pots. These are 15 - 20 gal size from a nursery that sells trees.
I was checking out Erin Benzakeins' flower farm blog this morning, and she inspired me to get out and snap a few pics. It has been so cold here ... 'How cold was it?' ... well under seasonal averages, and everything seems to be shivering.
However, I do have a few nice vignettes in the yard.
Fairies must live here, don't you think?
There are loads of places for the wee folk. My Granddaughters and I discover special hiding places, and try to make good Fairies welcome.
So, even in the cold, dreary June we've had, there is an abundance of beauty around. You just have to get out and have a look. Thanks Erin from Floret.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Short 'n sweet

Our computer has been acting up, perhaps a case of the flu? So it makes it difficult to post, however, there are a few pics' worth sharing.

These are Pink Fawn Lilies, from the Honeymoon Bay Wild Flower Reserve . They bloom in early Spring, and carpet the forest floor for a couple of weeks, but if you miss them, you have to wait another year to see them. Fleeting and beautiful.

This is lovely old "Vulcan" rhododendron at our front porch. Quite a show, it almost glows.
I'm at a lul between late Spring flowers, and some summer blooms. June is proving to be unseasonably cool and wet, so things are taking some time. However, our 12'-14' temperature is promising to heat up next week! Peonys are on the horizon.