Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Short 'n sweet

Our computer has been acting up, perhaps a case of the flu? So it makes it difficult to post, however, there are a few pics' worth sharing.

These are Pink Fawn Lilies, from the Honeymoon Bay Wild Flower Reserve . They bloom in early Spring, and carpet the forest floor for a couple of weeks, but if you miss them, you have to wait another year to see them. Fleeting and beautiful.

This is lovely old "Vulcan" rhododendron at our front porch. Quite a show, it almost glows.
I'm at a lul between late Spring flowers, and some summer blooms. June is proving to be unseasonably cool and wet, so things are taking some time. However, our 12'-14' temperature is promising to heat up next week! Peonys are on the horizon.

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