Thursday, August 23, 2012

Todays' Garden

So, whats' happened to August? It's gone fleeting by as far as I'm concerned. Started out sunny and warm, progressed to way too hot for me, and now I'm wearing a long sleeved shirt and a vest for warmth. Hard to keep up.

Quite the Dahlia show this week, everything seems to be coming on very well. I heard from a girlfriend that a Dahlia 'grower' that sells to the stores was commenting on how late they are this year. The next picture is of "Cafe au Lait", a Dahlia that I searched all over for (Canada that is) and here's her first bloom with me.

I thought she'd be less pink and more parchment. Tomato/ tomato,... difficult to show pronunciation.. I love her just the same.

This is the blue double clematis that puts on a show for most of the summer, year after year, and in the background is the lily bed with some gigantic sweet smelling stargazers.

These are new to me, like a Casablanca lily, only peachy. This is their first year with me, and they seem happy.  Perhaps there will be some for cutting and having bouquets next year.

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