Monday, July 2, 2012

Honeymoon Bay Outdoor Market

Once again our little community put on a fun filled weekend known as "Bay Days". There was a talent show, parade, kids' activities, fireworks and more to occupy a family. My focus was the Outdoor Market, which is in its' sixth year of operation.

 This was the 'shack' showing a couple of the bouquets, and some patio tomatoes for sale.
More "Flowers For Sale" in another corner of the booth.

These peonys' are spectacular. I don't know a lot about them, just notice that there are two distinct flowers on the same plant. One all double ruffles, and the other almost a single with a pronounced yellow centre. The limey green in the background is Alchemia mollis, or Ladys' Mantle.
 Climbing hydrangea, and Constance Spry roses.

This West coast rainforest weather we've been having certainly agrees with the garden. I didn't think much was going on out there, and came in with an armload of bouquet material. Abundance.
Here's a link to another Blog with more Market pictures. Enjoy.

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