Monday, May 23, 2011

Honeymoon Bay Outdoor Market

I've been busy! No complaints, and to make up for no posts recently, this one will include a lot of pictures.
This Spring has been fairly cool and wet, and the rhubarb is loving it! This
pic was taken early on, and now you can't see the soil for the leaves. 

The Honeymoon Bay Outdoor Market has opened for its' fifth year, and we are there every Saturday. Here's some pics of my prep.

Our booth is made from lumber re-cycled from my neighbours' deck, plus lots of interesting rustic stuff.

We have a lot of fun, and so do our customers.
 As some of our advertising says "Get outta town" and come to the Honeymoon Bay outdoor Market. There's a first class 'Coffee Mill' where you can get lunch or a snack, plus a lot of vendors have food available.

There were Spring dresses, and seedlings for sale last week.
Lots of mingling with neighbours and friends,
 and always a treasure to take home.
What markets are you visiting this Spring?

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