Friday, May 11, 2012

Wool Dyeing

Such a day! A group of us gathered at Val Galvins' Renditions in Rags for a Studio Day. Wool had been soaking overnight, and Vals' passion for what she does so well soon had us all caught up in the excitement of hand dyeing wool.

We had a lesson in the colour wheel and intensity, dyeing recipes, and two techniques.
The 'Casserole' dye results were very reminiscent of our old Hippie, Tie-Dye days. Yes, you scrunch up the wool to be dyed, and put it in a casserole dish, add dye, vinegar and salt. Yum! Cover, and bake.

The other method, was probably more 'Traditional'. You know, "Bubble bubble, toil and trouble". This way each dye pot had one colour and several pieces of wool. If the wool was re-cycled, and had already been coloured, there were surprises to be had there too.

This is all the dyed wool in the sink, there were four batches (four pots on the stove). As you can see, the pink/red has a little plaid piece, that when cut for hooking will make an interresting texture, without having to think about it.

The piece you see to the left of the yellows is a casserole dye piece.
What a beautiful sight! I really do remember hanging diapers out to dry, and how that pleased me. Just the sense of accomplishment I guess. But now this! This truly is my pleasure.

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