Wednesday, March 7, 2012


We're supposed to eat colourful food, right? Well, I think we eat well ... perhaps a little too much, but good food none the less. This cutting board is full of organic veggies ready for the stir-fry, and it was just so beautiful I had to snap a picture.
The pink and bright yellow is rainbow chard!
Here's a pic from last year. Rhubarb is just starting to show now, so I'll put a plastic cover over the bed for a few weeks to protect it from our very cold nights, and soon it'll be looking as good as this.

Eye candy! 
 It's fairly apparent that I'm itching to get into the garden. Today I went out to clear away debris, ... old clematis vines, and raspberry canes etc. Then inside for a warm cup of tea, as it's still cold.
Pretty Random today, but then again, so is my life!

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