Friday, March 2, 2012

It's March, which can only mean sheep!

I remember  ... long long ago and far far away... Grade three, actually. And every month we made a picture for our calendars. And the March picture was (always) sheep. Spring lambs, so sweet, and then they are let out to pasture, and March weather being what it is, they get all muddy.
I was surfing the net and found this fun site. Sheep and wool.

They have a yarn CSA. Community Supported Agriculture. Good on them. Hope you go to their page.
Yesterday I soaked a few Sweet Pea seeds, and today I planted them, just outside the office window. I feel very lucky to have found Renees Seeds at our local Buckerfields store. I've only grown the Spencer or Cuthbertson varieties, which are lovely, but I'm really looking forward to seeing these. I planted "April in Paris" and Cherie Amour". How can I go wrong?

Sweet Peas, Cheri Amour
Happy Spring Gardening!

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