Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Moving on

Off I go, down the road from McBride, past beautiful farms, and travel near the mountains through Valemount. Such a great day to just simply be.

 A few relaxing, fun days into my visit with another daughter and Grand-daughters, we hear of "Donkey Days" at a donkey rescue centre in Turtle Valley, so off we go to enjoy the day, (and the donkeys).

Thanksgiving Dinner
 This is half of an organic turkey my daughter bought from the farm down the road. Aren't we lucky? It just fit into the roasting pan, ... can't imagine what kind of an oven it would take to cook the whole bird! Such a feast, and not only Thanksgiving, but my grand-daughters' 9th Birthday as well.

Before I head for home, I go along for a horseback riding lesson. The girls don't just go and jump on a horse, they must clean hoofs, brush the horses coat, and saddle up. Then the riding begins!

Of course I think she's a 'natural'.
Pretty soon it's time to git-along-little-doggie.

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