Monday, July 18, 2011

Point No Point Honeymoon

Ken & I celebrated our Tenth wedding anniversary by having a second honeymoon at Point No Point Resort on the West coast of Vancouver Island.

A perfect, not so little cabin in the woods, at the edge of the Pacific. We slept to the sounds of ocean waves, and woke to foghorns and the smell of salt air. We spent evenings on our private deck, or inside curled up by the fire. No phones or computers, just the two of us enjoying some wine, and each other.

Although we did cook in the cabin, we went to the restaurant for our anniversary dinner, and again for lunch after we checked out. The food was so flavourful, I've been inspired to look through cookbooks and up my game a bit.
There are trails on the property that we walked every day. I've gotta say, it's a magical place.


I seem to be gushing about this place, and truly, for me, it was the perfect second honeymoon. Big love.

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