Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Funky Stuff

This past weekend found us at Cowichan Bays' Art Walk. What a great collection of artists and crafters, and a perfect weekend to get out and enjoy local talent. I spoke to Jennifer Lawson, a lovely woman and fine artist. Her 'specialty' is House Portraits, and charming pastoral scenes. I then ran into Julie King. We worked together and lived in Shawnigan Lake years ago. Good to see her and her art again.

Cowichan Bay is North Americas' first Citta Slow community. Their website is worth a look. Here is a glimpse of the Artisan Bakery. There is also a local cheese maker, and a homemade ice cream shop.
A community on a Bay has to have a marina, and this one is no exception. Funky floathomes included! And for sale signs on some of them ...

After a day of holidaying in our own backyard, we took the slow road home. Somehow it just seemed wrong to travel at 100 clicks on the highway after visiting 'the slow city'. On the way I spotted this interesting roadside stand.


Along with farm fresh veggies, there was authentic enamelware, and painted wooden boxes. And then there was the sign. You may not be able to make it out, but the last entry reads " Fresh Organically grown food. NO FUNKY STUFF!!"

I love it!!

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