Friday, October 21, 2011


I've been away on what I lovingly call my "Nana Tour". I haven't dropped off the map, more like, I've driven the map! I left Vancouver Island and visited friends and family in Hope, Prince George, McBride, and Blind Bay. I was treated to meals out and wonderful home cooked food, shopping and walking and playing, Oh my! I took the sewing machine and hemmed curtains for both daughters, spent some catch-up 'I love you' time with granddaughters that are growing and changing too fast.
On my way to Prince George, I was drawn in by a road sign in Quesnel. Edgewood Farm and an arrow to turn left at the next intersection. The words 'farm' and 'home dec' got me interested, so off I went. What I found, was a working farm, where one of the barns had been turned into a fab shop, and the flower cutting gardens were still in bloom. I had to have a "Farmers Market" apron, then pressed on to dinner with friends. 
My girlfriend of fifty years, and her husband welcomed me to their new home. Such a labour of love. Love for each other, their music, and the land around them. What a treat.
My next post will continue with my road-trip to McBride and more.
Before I left, I had to have travelling music, so took Il Volo . Beyond good! Ciao!

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