Monday, August 15, 2011

Garden Pics

For whatever reason, I've been having a difficult time publishing posts lately. Perhaps my computer has 'something' going on, or perhaps it's just 'operator error'! Let's try again!

This is a peek at Damali Lavender Farm . Lots going on there, and a real treat to be there, and walk the Labyrinth.

 I'm becoming more and more interested in Labyrinths, their history and uses. I'm studying, just to be better informed, of course, but also to be able to facilitate walks, here in Honeymoon Bay. Years ago when the Retreat was asking for community input, I requested a Labyrinth, and they built one, so I need to go and make use of it.

This is how my side garden looks today. I can hardly believe my good fortune at how lush this double blue clematis is. Fish fertilizer, early on when it was setting buds is the only thing I can think of. Lucky me!
Tea time, so I'm going to take a 'cuppa' out to the garden.

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